Chopsticking! New York

// Chopsticking at the ITP Winter Show 12/16-12/17 //

Come check out the ITP Winter Show, a two day exhibition of the recent works from the students of ITP, this Sunday and Monday.  You can play Chopsticking and see many more awesome projects!

Sunday, Dec 16 from 2-6pm

Monday, Dec 17 from 4-8pm

Chopsticking Demo Video

// What’s Chopsticking?//

Chopsticking is a two player board game designed to test and improve one’s chopsticks skills. At the start of each game, the sushi bowl (ie game board) will spin, providing access to the sushi pieces inside the bowl. Each player must dip each piece of sushi in the “soy sauce” dish (RFID reader), and then put them on their “sushi plate” in order to have the points count to their score. The player with the most points wins the game. In addition, there is a separate score representing the players’ chopsticking skills. The score is calculated by how accurately the player holds the chopsticks relative to the finger markings on the chopsticks. The purpose of the chopsticking score is to help players improve their chopsticking skills.

What can you do with chopsticks besides eat?